Handover procedure


Following the legal completion of purchasing your home, you will be asked to meet with the sales agent and a representative from Rivendale developments to collect your keys and attend a handover meeting for your new home. From this moment on, you are the owner of your property and have all access to your home.

after handover

If your development has communal facilities and/or shared areas, a managing agent may be appointed to oversee these and to ensure they are maintained to a high standard.

Homeowners may be invited to take an active interest in running the management of the development or may appoint a managing agent to take care of the communal facilities on their behalf. In these situations, each homeowner on the development will be required to pay a service charge, covering the upkeep and management costs, details of which will have been provided at reservation.

Where applicable, details of the managing agent will be provided to you. You will be responsible for providing the managing agent with your contact details, including an emergency telephone number, upon occupancy.

ongoing works

After you move into your new home, there may still be construction work taking place on site. You should therefore take note of the following site safety advice:
We will give you reliable information about the independent third-party warranty provided with your new home and the initial two-year defects cover provided by Rivendale developments.

We also provide aftersales customer care, telling you about our procedures for dealing with defects and emergencies. Rivendale developments follow the commitments of your warranty provider's consumer code or code of conduct, a copy of which is available for you to view on your online Spaciable portal.

  • Adhere to any speed limits on the development, as some roads may not have their final surface yet.
  • Please only park within the designated parking areas.
  • Please use the designated pedestrian routes.
  • Please do not enter the construction site either on foot or in a car, unless you are accompanied by a member of the site team.
  • Make sure any children in your care are aware of the dangers of construction sites and that they only play in safe areas.