structural warranty

Your property will be built to the highest standards and receive thorough inspections during and after completion. It is unusual to have serious issues with a new build home, but your home is protected by a structural warranty, should something happen. An overview of the warranty cover provided is included below.

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developer liability period

Most home warranties include a developer liability period, which is usually for the first two years from your legal completion date. During this time, we will arrange repairs for any valid build defects covered by your home's structural warranty.

You'll be able to report defect issues to us in a number of ways, by phone and email - but the main way which tracks all is to use our Spaciable platform. For cosmetic issues, you will have 90 days in which to report anything, and we will aim to have these rectified in an acceptable time frame at a prior agreed date. Any issues reported after the 90-day deadline are unlikely to be addressed.

warranty provider liability period

For the entire length of your home's structural warranty, the warranty provider covers your home against structural defects, in the unlikely event that any occur.

During the initial two-year developer liability period, any valid defects must be reported to us. At the end of the developer liability period, your warranty provider will take on the responsibility of being your direct contact – for the remaining years of your warranty policy, you should report any structural defects directly to them. Full details of your policy will be forwarded to you by your legal representative, including details of what is and isn't covered.

consumer code

Most new home warranty providers operate in line with a consumer code or code of conduct, which protects the rights of purchasers of new build homes. All builders who register new build homes with these warranty providers must comply with the requirements of any relevant code. The terms of each consumer code are different, but you can expect that Rivendale developments and the warranty provider will provide you with:

• Fair treatment
• Truthful and reliable information
• An explanation of the service you can expect
• Access to an independent dispute resolution service

dispute resolution scheme

If you have a complaint during your home warranty cover period, please first raise this with us, or your warranty provider, as necessary.

If you aren't satisfied with the response you receive, or you believe Rivendale developments or your warranty provider has failed to meet the relevant consumer code requirements, you may be able to refer your issue to the warranty provider's applicable independent dispute resolution scheme. Each dispute resolution scheme is different, but they all aim to provide a speedy resolution to your dispute without the need for any legal action.