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property advice

At Rivendale developments, we know that purchasing a property can be stressful and daunting, so we have created some helpful resources to explain the clear steps involved in buying one of our homes. Read below our commercial and residential property advice.

our advice

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customer charter

We are dedicated to providing committed, informative and genuinely helpful advice and information that helps buying a house as simple as it can be. View our Advice on buying new residential properties here.

buying process

There are many steps in the buying process that need to be considered, so being familiar with them will make the process far easier and ensure things run smoothly and quickly. Read our step-by-step guide on the buying process here.


When buying a new build, it is important that it is built to the highest standard and goes through all of the necessary inspections required for a safe home. However, should anything go wrong, having a structural warranty in place will protect you. Read our structural warranty guide here.

handover procedure

Following the legal completion of purchasing your home a handover meeting will take place to issue keys and begin the moving in process.
Read our advice on handover procedure.