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Eastleigh Basic Food Bank & Wave 105 – Mission Christmas.

Eastleigh Basic Food Bank & Wave 105 – Mission Christmas.

On Monday 18th December 2023 Becci and Andy carried on Rivendale’s tradition and took to the road to visit two amazing charities, The Eastleigh basics food bank in Wells Road, Eastleigh and the Mission Christmas HQ in Waterlooville ran by Wave 105.

Eastleigh Basics Food Bank

This year again we wanted to do our part for the community with a donation of food and supplies. The cost of living has only gotten worse in the past 12 months and unfortunately the Food Bank has seen a increased demand of nearly 50%.

Ran by local volunteers they work throughout the year helping those in most need and are having to spend more and more of the charities money to supplement the demand.

Below is a link to their website which details how you can help throughout the year and a list of items they need to be able to continue the amazing work they are doing.


Wave 105 – Mission Christmas

This year located in Waterlooville it was very impressive to not only be able to donate a large selection of toys but also to see the impressive set up and operation which was well underway when we visited.

Greeted by their lovely Charity Manager Sam who organises and co-ordinates the whole operation with just one colleague which includes everything from start to finish until they complete their mission. They rely on volunteer elves to help but unfortunately due to the change in location this led to several groups dropping out this year.

Their mission is simple, to ensure every child who would go without opening a present on Christmas day is able to do so.

This year nearly 22,000 children were identified as being in that category in our area alone. When we visited Monday 18th December they had almost 5000 children left to provide gifts for and even though donations have decreased this year Sam was extremely optimistic that they will reach this target with a final push on the radio and social platforms.

Thank you again to Dave of Damar Scaffolding, who have kindly provided the huge tables needed to pick and pack the thousands of toys and gift that pass through each year.

So, if you’d like to donate, or get involved (they do events throughout the year all in the name of bettering children’s lives!) then here is all the information you need;