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Bring your dog to work!

Bring your dog to work!

Shortly before the first lockdown, several of our colleagues acquired canine companions who became valued workmates sitting under the kitchen table.  As we all came back into the office this bond looked like it might be broken.

However, we looked at the benefits of having a furry friend in the workplace, canvassed colleagues to ensure everyone was on board with the idea and now Jagger (a zany Boston Terrier) and Luna (a super cute Westie) regularly snuffle around our offices.

Not only has it ensured they are not abandoned at home for hours, but it has boosted productivity in the workplace for all staff, is a social icebreaker and has been shown to reduce stress.  How can you not melt at those big brown eyes and frantically wagging tail, no matter how stressful a day may be.

With the weather improving there will be no shortage of volunteers eager to take Jagger and Luna out for a lunchtime walk in our lovely grounds here at Rivendale HQ.

If your office environment is suitable, we thoroughly recommend letting your furry friends join you at work!